About Us

Barefoot Enrichment Activities began life as a children’s yoga company, providing yoga classes for children across London. When Company Director Alex Garrick first began contacting schools local to her in North East London, she was often told the schools would love to provide yoga classes but didn’t have the budget available. So she investigated what funding was available and discovered that there were various funds that provided grants for extra-curricular activities in schools and nurseries. Making full use of her legal training, she started applying for grants on behalf of schools that were keen to run yoga classes and had great success.

Grants are available for a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and using our expertise, Barefoot Enrichment Activities can help you apply for and access these funds for your school.

Barefoot Enrichment ActivitiesHow We Can Help

Perhaps you have contemplated applying for funds in the past and been put off by the lengthy and sometimes complicated application forms, which can be time-consuming to complete.  In our experience, it can take many hours to familiarise yourself with the funder’s requirements and then put together a suitable application to meet them.

We can help make it a painless process, by doing most of the hard work for you.  Once you have decided on the activities you want, we will research and put together a first draft of the application and then guide you through any remaining, straightforward administrative questions that we are unable to answer.  With past clients this has taken anything from 20 minutes to 1 hour; much less time than it would take you to research and complete a 20 page application form. If the application is successful, you could be £10,000 better off in as little as three months.